Epic MegaGrant

I’m astounded to be able to announce that I have received one of the Epic Games MegaGrants!

With it I will continue research with Lucy Bryant of the UTS Speech Pathology Department into using Hololens technology to benefit patients.

Watch this space for updates on what we’re creating together and how it will contribute to exciting developments in future therapies.

The Story Crowd

This week I joined The Story Crowd.

The Story Crowd is passionate about literacy. We aim to inspire students to be keen readers and encourage budding writers and illustrators to pursue their dreams.

Our festivals are a full day celebration of literature with multiple sessions and activities. All held on your school grounds.

See www.storycrowd.com.au for more information

Suri’s Wall in schools

I was over the moon to discover that Suri’s Wall is already being used in schools. Many Vale used it as a supporting text for discussing Mental Health Week with K-4. I look forward to visiting next year when they tackle the topic of Migration. Thank you Manly Vale for seeing the value of picture … Read more

Kids’ Book Review – 12 Curly Questions

Thank you Kids’ Book Review for giving me the chance to answer your very curly questions. 4. Describe your writing style in ten words. Littered in abundance with spelling mistakes and extensive grammatical errors. See the rest of the questions and answers here  

Review by The Bottom Shelf

A wonderful review by The Bottom Shelf appeared this week. This is a picture book for older children rather than the very young because those with a little more experience will appreciate the underlying story better, perhaps even understand that physical walls are not the only things that imprison us.  Read the whole review here … Read more

Sydney Morning Herald – Books That Changed Me

I was lucky enough to write about four books that changed me for the Sydney Morning Herald this week. “You know that book, the one you read when you first become jealous of the writer? Well this is that one. “ Find out which book I’m talking about and read the full article here.