UTS Data Arena Mocap Session

Dr Lucy Bryant and I were at the UTS Data Arena capturing some emotions for the Unreal Metahumans in our Hololens Therapy App. The fantastically clever Thomas Ricciardiello ran the session for us. I can’t wait to see how it looks in the app. Stayed tuned to find out!

MHC Lighting Presets

Epic have released MHC Lighting Presets – A set of lighting set ups designed by Greig Fraser (Dune) and they are free to use in your Metahuman setups.

The presets enhance the render of your Metahumans in the Hololens, but I had to make a few edits to the settings when I copied them into my Unreal Hololens Project setup. So if you find they don’t quite look the same in yours, then check out what I did here.

Alpha Demo

I’m starting to get the hang of all things Unreal and Hololens 2 so I’ve done a very basic app with the main requirements in rudimentary form. I’ve just used Mixamo animations to start with but will create some much more fine tuned and subtle animations soon.