Review by The Bottom Shelf

A wonderful review by The Bottom Shelf appeared this week. This is a picture book for older children rather than the very young because those with a little more experience will appreciate the underlying story better, perhaps even understand that physical walls are not the only things that imprison us.  Read the whole review here … Read more

Babyology Review

Katrina Whelen from Babyology has written a touching review of Suri’s Wall. “A picture book that truly transports you to another place, whether real or imagined, means that the author and illustrator are doing their job…” Read the full review here. love Suri’s Wall right now.

Emily Gale from has written a heartfelt review as she includes Suri’s Wall in her list of 10 Picture Books that they really love right now (I’m feeling a little Zoolander as I type this) “This book is special in every way, from the cloth cover (stroking it is impossible to resist) to Matt … Read more

Kidz Review Krew

A touching review by Carmela and Joseph (aged 6) on Kidz Review Krew. “Magnificently illustrated and beautifully written, Suri’s Wall immerses the reader into an imaginative and empowering story with messages of hope, wonder and friendship.” Visit the page now to read the full review.

Hip Little One Review and Giveaway

Over on Hip Little One three copies of Suri’s Wall is being given away. Go there now for your chance to win one. “Yesterday Suri’s Wall finally hit the shelves and all I can say is this: it is even better and more touching than I expected.” Go To Hip Little One

Two Little Humans and Me

I have a featured blog post on The Book Circle at Two Little Humans and Me. “I have no business whatsoever in writing a book, be it even a 500 word picture book. I’m a fraud and phoney and I’m still worried that Penguin will one day slap their collective foreheads and groan ‘what have … Read more

Creative Kids Tales

Lee Foyster writes a careful and thoughtful review of Suri’s Wall over on Creative Kids Tales. “When I looked at the cover of Suri’s Wall, I wanted to know more about the tall skinny girl who was lovingly running her hands along the pinkish greyish stone wall. I felt there was more to her and … Read more

Squigglebooks Review

Catherine Oehlman from Squigglebooks has written a brilliantly thoughtful review of Suri’s Wall and released it today to coincide with the official launch which is today! Catherine writes, “I’m seriously impressed with the quality of picture books Penguin are currently producing, and Suri’s Wall is another gorgeous example.” Read the full review on Happy Launch day … Read more

My Little Sunshine House

Suri’s Wall has made it into Zanni’s list of books they love in July. Zanni writes: This is the story of imagination, freedom and hope. Suri and Eva live behind a large wall {we aren’t sure where}. Eva asks Suri to tell her what’s on the other side, and the children all listen in wonder … Read more