Running Affinity on the Hololens 2

Running Metahumans on the Hololens 2 reliably was a little more complicated than I thought it would be, but once you get the hang of the method it’s pretty easy. We’ll be running the program, in our case Affinity on our PCs and using the Hololens Holographic Remoting app to stream Affinity to the headset. … Read more

Storybook .stories Quickstart

Code for starting a story quickly import { ComponentMeta, ComponentStory } from’@storybook/react’ exportdefault { title:’Components/COMPONENT-NAME’, component:COMPONENT-NAME, } asComponentMeta<typeofCOMPONENT-NAME> constTemplate: ComponentStory<typeofCOMPONENT-NAME> = (args) =><COMPONENT-NAME{…args}/> exportconstDefault = Template.bind({})

Unreal Quick Tips – Things I always forget

KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS Double Click on a node string to add a reroute node 3 + left click puts down a 3Vector node (can use when making colour for your material) 1 + left click puts down Constant node ASSIGNING AN ANIMATION BLUEPRINT TO YOUR METAHUMAN CHANGING PARENT BLUEPRINT CLASS Double click a blueprint to open … Read more

React – Step 1 – Installation

  NOTE: I’m on a PC. If you’re on another operating system there might be slight differences so do a google search. Right so you’ve decided you want to build a React app or perhaps you want to convert your html website to React. Great, but how do you do even get started? PART A … Read more

Website Optimisation Tip: Converting .pngs to .webp

Convert your images to .webp for better load times. Using Command Prompt navigate to the folder with your image. If you have just one image you can use this line : the 70 is the quality of the output. 0 is lowest 100 is highest cwebp -q 70 yourImageName.jpg -o yourImageName.webp If you have a … Read more

MHC Lighting Presets & Hololens2

In my research project with Lucy Bryant of the UTS Speech Pathology Department we are seeing how viable it is to use Epic Unreal’s Metahumans in combination with the  Hololens 2 for therapy.  Previous apps that have run on headsets, while intriguing and interesting for patients, have had the feedback that the ‘uncanny valley‘ feeling … Read more