Storybook .stories Quickstart

Code for starting a story quickly import { ComponentMeta, ComponentStory } from’@storybook/react’ exportdefault { title:’Components/COMPONENT-NAME’, component:COMPONENT-NAME, } asComponentMeta<typeofCOMPONENT-NAME> constTemplate: ComponentStory<typeofCOMPONENT-NAME> = (args) =><COMPONENT-NAME{…args}/> exportconstDefault = Template.bind({})

Unreal Quick Tips – Things I always forget

KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS Double Click on a node string to add a reroute node 3 + left click puts down a 3Vector node (can use when making colour for your material) 1 + left click puts down Constant node ASSIGNING AN ANIMATION BLUEPRINT TO YOUR METAHUMAN CHANGING PARENT BLUEPRINT CLASS Double click a blueprint to open … Read more

React – Step 1 – Installation

  NOTE: I’m on a PC. If you’re on another operating system there might be slight differences so do a google search. Right so you’ve decided you want to build a React app or perhaps you want to convert your html website to React. Great, but how do you do even get started? PART A … Read more

Website Optimisation Tip: Converting .pngs to .webp

Convert your images to .webp for better load times. Using Command Prompt navigate to the folder with your image. If you have just one image you can use this line : the 70 is the quality of the output. 0 is lowest 100 is highest cwebp -q 70 yourImageName.jpg -o yourImageName.webp If you have a … Read more

ES6 additions

Block Scope Before ES6 (2015), JavaScript had only Global Scope and Function Scope. ES6 introduced two important new JavaScript keywords: let and const. These two keywords provide Block Scope in JavaScript.Variables declared inside a { } block cannot be accessed from outside the block:

Javascript – Common Methods

Change text elements document.getElementById(“demo”).innerHTML = “Hello JavaScript”;   Change image elements document.getElementById(‘myImage’).src=’pic_bulboff.gif’   Change css document.getElementById(“demo”).style.fontSize = “35px”;   Change display style document.getElementById(“demo”).style.display = “none”;   Print the window <button onclick=”window.print()”>Print this page</button>        

From Unity to Hololens

    NowSo I needed to create a Hololens 2 App and deploy it to an actual Hololens 2 that I had with me for development, AND I needed to save a copy of the compiled app that could be copied onto a Hololens 2 that my client had in another office. It was a … Read more

Dictation Recognizer – Unity

using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.Windows.Speech; public class SpeechRecogniser: MonoBehaviour { protected DictationRecognizer dictationRecognizer; void Start() { } // CALL THIS FUNCTION WHEN YOU WANT TO START LISTENING TO DICTATION public void startDictationRequest(){ // THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT!! // If you are using the MRTK and have phrase recognition running, then you can’t use both at once, … Read more