Unreal and Hololens 2 – Step 7 UX Tools

So in your Hololens app you can add UX buttons pretty easily. I’m going to do something super simple and set up 4 buttons that are going to change the colour of an interactive cube.   STEP 1 CREATE CUBE BLUEPRINT WITH FUNCTIONS   In your Content Window select Add/Import >> Blueprint Class >> Actor … Read more

Epic Unreal Metahumans in Hololens 2

Holy Moly Metahumans RUN on the Hololens 2!   It’s just a start, lighting needs fixing and the hair quality is low, but you can see the Metahuman in the Hololens 2 and it looks pretty ace. I’m just streaming it to the HL2 headset straight from UE at the moment. I haven’t managed to … Read more