I’ve been lucky enough to have early access to the Unreal Metahuman Creator and I’ve made myself! Of course she needs a lot more wrinkles which I couldn’t find any exact options for. None the less, not a bad start.




To get your creation into Unreal so that you can start to play with it, you need to have Quixel Bridge installed. You can grab it from here. Download it and sign in using your Epic Login details. Don’t create a Quixel account because you want it to link to your Epic Metahumans. Just a note, once you do have it and you’re coming back to use it on another day, search for “Bridge”, not “Quixel” when you want to open it again.

Once you have logged in, you can find your Metahumans in the menu indicated below.


Each of your metahumans will show in the window and there is a “download” button in the top right corner of each. Press the one you want to download. 



While it’s downloading you can go and start up Unreal. You will need to make sure you have 4.26.2 so go and update it if you haven’t already.

Open the Unreal file that you want to import your Metahuman into. Then go back to Quixel Bridge and click the “Export” button



An “Export Successful” message will appear once it has finished exporting. 


Go back to UE and you will see it importing into your open file. You may need to restart to apply missing settings.



Once imported then just navigate to it in the content window, Content > Metahumans > TheNameOfYourMH and then drag the blueprint onto the stage. It might look grey at first, but just wait until the shaders have finished compiling and then you’ll see your metahuman completed.