Mixamo Character Setup in Unreal


First just drag and drop your downloaded character .fbx into the Content Browser window in Unreal. Just ensure that Convert Scene Unit is selected as you do so, then click Import


You should see all the elements layout out as such in the Content Browser



Similarly drag and drop your downloaded animation .fbx into the Content Browser Window

When the dialogue box comes up though, you’ll need to assign the skeleton of your character. So click the dropdown next to skeleton and choose from the list it provides.

Do this step with every animation that you want to import.



So now we have our character asset and animations imported let’s make our character blueprint.

Now what I’m after here is something a bit different. I’m not making a game or a first person shooter. I’m making an immersive experience (target being a Hololens 2) where you observe the characters and try to determine their feelings by body language and facial expressions. So I want the characters to play through their animations while the camera is looking at them. For the moment I will do that with keyboard input. So this entry will attempt to do that.

To do this go to your Content Browser Window and Select the green Add/Import >> Blueprint Class 


Then select Character and give it a name. I’ve named mine AkaiCharacter


Double click on your character blueprint to open it up. Now you need to assign the mesh to use. In the Components panel on the left, click on Mesh.

In the right hand Details panel, scroll down to the Mesh tab, click on the dropdown and select your mesh from the list.


 You might need to adjust your mesh to sit in the middle of your character blueprint nicely, so do that in the viewport.



Now in the left hand side Components panel select you character – mine is AkaiCharacter(self) and then in the right hand side Details panel, scroll down to Pawn and change Auto Possess Player to Player 0 

And hit the compile button