From Unity to Hololens

    NowSo I needed to create a Hololens 2 App and deploy it to an actual Hololens 2 that I had with me for development, AND I needed to save a copy of the compiled app that could be copied onto a Hololens 2 that my client had in another office. It was a … Read more

Dictation Recognizer – Unity

using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.Windows.Speech; public class SpeechRecogniser: MonoBehaviour { protected DictationRecognizer dictationRecognizer; void Start() { } // CALL THIS FUNCTION WHEN YOU WANT TO START LISTENING TO DICTATION public void startDictationRequest(){ // THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT!! // If you are using the MRTK and have phrase recognition running, then you can’t use both at once, … Read more

Call Sequence of Class Methods – Unity

Right, so classes have a number of methods in them and it can get a bit confusing as to when each of them are called, especially when you require a very specific sequence of events to occur. So let’s say that you are instantiating a prefab from a class method. yourPrefab yPre = Instantiate(yourPrefab, transform.position, transform.rotation);   … Read more

Scriptable Objects – Unity

Scriptable Objects have 2 major uses Saving and storing data during an editor session Saving data as an asset in our project for use at runtime Things to Note In the editor we can save data to the SO during edit and runtime In a deployed build we can only read the data from the … Read more

Static Variables and Methods – Unity

So what does this word “static” do to variables and methods? Well a couple of things. static variables and methods that are public are accessible from anywhere without having to first reference or instantiate the class that they are in. Note though that if they are private, they can not. They make variables class variables, … Read more